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August 05, 2008

Working in the MPC

Venue Media Centers will provide photographers with essential services such as Internet access, pay phones, beverages, and universal power outlets. Photo lockers and laptop computer cable locks are also available at no charge for daily use. When not transmitting images from location, photographers can take advantage of additional services in the Main Press Center, including Apple Mac Pro workstations, film processing, restaurants, shops, a fitness center, library, hairdresser, and even a massage parlor providing free massages. Canon, Nikon, and Kodak also provide services in the MPC.


Your first stop at the MPC should be the rate card office, as wired and wireless Internet connections at the MPC and venues require a rate card for use. If you happen to arrive at a VMC without a rate card, your only option may be to return to the MPC to purchase one. Pay phone cards and China Mobile vending machines are offered at other venues, but rate cards must be purchased at the MPC. There’s also a McDonalds outside the MPC photo workroom, so you can get your Big Mac fix without exiting the Olympic Green.



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Shortcuts to Internet Millions Internet Millions

hey buddy, your post was really interesting regarding business on the Internet. I am quite convinced with your ideas. I am working as an IT manager for so I need to know the latest news on IT.

Scott Fillmer

That is a heck of a media center, great shot, thanks for posting so we could all take a look.

Michael Perez

Let's try this again. Tried to send this on your beijing account but it got kicked back to me.

Zach Honig,

My name is Michael Perez. I'm a staff photographer at the Philadelphia Inquirer trying to get to the olympics. My colleague Ron Cortes was all set to go but canceled three weeks ago because of a family emergency. This is where I came in.

I have sent multiple copies of visa, accreditation and credentials forms to the USOC, BOCOG and every other acronym except for NASA. Right now I'm waiting to hear from Mr. Shi Xiaojie at BOCOG. His last email informed me to re-apply for the accreditation card and he would help me with the visa. Did this last Sunday and still no response.

This is just another shot in the dark but I was wondering if you can advise me on what to do or is it totally hopeless.


Michael Perez
Staff Photographer
Philadelphia Inquirer

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