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August 10, 2008

SLR To Beach Volleyball Tomorrow

I haven’t received any confirmation from readers regarding whether or not they’ve been able to bring SLR cameras into the Olympic venues as spectators, but your emails and comments have not gone unnoticed. I scored a general admission beach volleyball ticket for tomorrow morning, and will be bringing along my Olympus E-520 and 12-60mm f/2.8-4 lens, and leaving the Olympic credential at home.

While at the match, I don’t plan on staying put in my seat, but will try to shoot all around the venue -- assuming I can get my camera through security. I’m taking a chance by bringing the SLR -- my hotel is well over an hour from the beach volleyball venue -- but I’m fairly optimistic that I’ll be able to get through with my E-520. Check back tomorrow for more information, and hopefully confirmation that SLR cameras will be allowed into the venues.



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Any of you guys see handheld video camcorders in the venues?

Zach Honig

This is great news guys! I also had luck at beach volleyball today :-)

Check out the blog for more info...



Went to swimming on Monday with d300, 17-55 and 70-200 in a lens bag.
Put everything into a trash bag because of rain....no problem except they examined the USA flag that I had with me.

today...Weight lifting...full Think Tank Belt with all kinds of stuff...
Had one problem with Security...Rolaids...yes Rolaids...I told them to pitch and walked away
Security said nothing...They are kind of wimps if you ask me...that just look mean .

I saw an article about the guards not smiling...play a game with them...make faces and whatever till they smile. It is great fun.

These Miltary Police are kids...maybe 17 years old and weigh about a buck 40 at most for many of them. A stiff breeze will knocked them over.

At Weight lifting...I saw a guy sporting 3 digital bodies and a 300 and other lenses..not one problem.


I brought my D200 and Tamron 28-300 lens into Women's Basketball tonight...no problem except they wanted to see me take a picture with it and my Canan S5. A guy in front of me had a 30D or 40D with 3 lenses (nothing bigger than a 24-70 2.8 and he got in after they inspected each lens and the body.


Leaving from Mich. on Wednesday - can't wait! Taking a Canon 40D w 300mm lens and Canon HV20 camcorder everywhere I go. Neither is professional...but I doubt arguing with Chinese security will work.


Absolutely no issue bringing STILL photography equipment of any type (other than pods) into the venues. It's just VIDEO equipment that they restrict.


More good news. Finally contacted a Newsweek reporter at the games. He's seen fans with SLRs at several events with no hassles.

Tom Theobald

Teresa (if you check back here),
Did you see any monopods with the longer lenses???
Above 300mm handheld, your arms won't last for long. Wait your news... Tom


i brought my nikon d80 in to a soccer game tonight in Shanghai and had no problem with a 300 mm lens. i saw many other fans with slrs and some with lenses much larger than mine so it looks like it's a-ok for now


As I also commented below, TV covereage of close-up shots of fans at various venues shows MANY SLRs in use by common spectators. I do not think you will have any trouble getting your camera into the beach volleyball venue.

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