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August 17, 2008

No Restriction on SLR Cameras

Even though the majority of the photos on my blog are captured using a point & shoot camera, I’ve been bringing my Olympus E-520 along to venues to see if I run into any problems getting through security. In the past few days, I’ve shot with an SLR at the National Stadium, Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, and Tianjin Olympic Center Stadium without any issues. Tianjin Stadium is closed for the remainder of the Games, but it’s safe to say that you’ll be able to shoot with an SLR camera at any of the venues, as well as on the Olympic Green.

Photo positions are reserved for accredited photographers, but in less crowded venues I haven’t had any trouble shooting from any open seat or public area. In the National Stadium and Basketball Gymnasium, you’ll only have access to your seating area (category A, B, or C), so shooting from near the field of play will only be possible if ticketed for a lower level.


I had a category B ticket to Athletics at National Stadium, so I was able to roam the venue with my SLR as long as I kept clear of the lower level.


If you’re seated in category B or C, be sure to bring a telephoto lens or you’ll miss the action on the field. I used an Olympus E-520 (2x crop factor) and a 12-60mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter, and still needed to crop significantly before the athletes filled the frame.



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Zach Honig

Hey Scott,

I have an OAIC, but I wouldn't have any issues bringing in gear if I used my accreditation card, so I needed a ticket to find out for myself whether or not spectators will be able to bring in their gear.


Scott Fillmer

Glad you were able to get in with your DSLR, wondering why you didn't just go ahead and get an accreditation card and have floor access? Great shots regardless.

Love the crop of the runners, almost looks like a tilt and shift lens or a miniature, really cool. Thanks for posting some great shots. Scott

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