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August 12, 2008

Killer Beijing Photo Blogs

I spent my first five weeks in Beijing as a lone wolf, without a single other photo-related Olympics blog on the web. But with hundreds of web savvy photogs in town for the Games, there are some incredible new photography blogs out there -- some provide an inside look at Olympics photography, while others show the China you won’t see on NBC.

Kevin German hosts one of the best Beijing photo blogs, and he doesn’t even have an Olympics credential. Posts to “Wandering Light” date back well before Kevin’s arrival in Beijing, but the Vietnam-based freelance photographer came to spend the month of August in the Chinese capital, exploring a new part of the city each day. I wasn’t familiar with Kevin’s work before he came to Beijing, but this is one photographer that has earned a permanent home on my blogroll.


Photo by Kevin German.

I’ve been following Vincent Laforet’s work for the last few years, and his Beijing Olympics photography doesn’t disappoint. Vince has the ability to see potential photographs that most would overlook, which combined with technical perfection, enables him to capture jaw-dropping images. The New York-based freelance photographer is on contract with the New York Times, but is representing Newsweek while in Beijing.

Eric Seals is new to the Olympics game, but his work with the Detroit Free Press has taken him on several overseas assignments, including a stint covering the war in Iraq. Yesterday afternoon, I had an opportunity to spend a few hours showing Eric the city, shopping at various knockoff markets and trying some Beijing street food. To my surprise, he’s as good at bargaining for souvenirs as he is at shooting Michael Phelps win gold.

Stay tuned for more featured Beijing Olympics blogs, and check out our blogroll to the left, or post a comment if you discover an Olympics blog that you’d like to share. Please limit posts to blogs related to the Olympics -- links to other blogs and websites will be removed.


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Thanks for all these insights.
Another interresting Olumpic blog is Mark Rebilas blog : http://markjrebilas.com/blog/

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