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July 03, 2008

Waking Up to the Fourth of July

My second morning in Beijing was particularly hazy. Although I’ve only experienced one full day in the city, I’ve come to the conclusion that the air quality is really only an issue in the morning and evenings. The sky was blue yesterday afternoon and I could see the sun clearly, but the haze came back about an hour before sunset. Although the light is typically better at sunrise and sunset, shooting the Beijing skyline around noon may yield the best results.


Just because the Fourth of July holiday isn’t officially celebrated in China doesn’t mean I plan to let it go unrecognized. My t-shirt for the day proudly (yet tastefully) displays an American flag, and my friends and I plan on checking out the expat scene this evening to see if any other Westerners are celebrating the accomplishments of our founding fathers. Happy Fourth! Please enjoy a hotdog for me; I imagine the closest I’ll be able to find here are some scorpions on a stick.

Edited 7/4/08 12:04PM: OK - I take that back... we just got lucky yesterday afternoon -- the haze was awful all day today.


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