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July 05, 2008

National Museum and Tiananmen Square

The National Museum of China sits on the world’s largest square. Tiananmen Square, known around the world for its violent political events, spans 40.5 hectares of land -- plenty of room for thousands of tourists -- with a fantastic photo opportunity at every turn. Because of the square’s vast size, avoid a hazy day to capture an overview shot. If you’re in town for the Olympics or just visiting the city, Tiananmen is not to be missed. The state-owned National Museum is also a must see for any visitor to China. The museum is currently undergoing renovations, but will open in time for the Olympics in August. With the museum’s entrance as its backdrop, a large Olympics countdown clock also makes for a great photo op. The cost of museum entry is 30 CNY (about $4.50).



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john albright

thanks so much for this blog. i'm not one that is into following blogs on a daily basis but this photography/china/tourest daily update is awsome. Keep up the great work it is the first thing i read every day when I turn on my laptop.

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