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July 06, 2008

Rent a Rickshaw

With cab drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians often ignoring road lanes, traffic signals, and crosswalks, traveling the city by bike can be deadly, unless you leave the peddling to an experienced rickshaw driver. Riding a human-powered vehicle in Beijing is an experience like no other. During my 15-minute ride, several interactions with other vehicles and pedestrians could easily have been described as “close calls,” but that was half the fun. Depending on your guide, the experience can be compared to riding a mine train roller coaster -- just without all the safety precautions and restraining harnesses. Head to the Shichahai scenic area in northwest Beijing to catch a rickshaw without experiencing the city’s infamous gridlocked traffic.



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The pictures are unreal. I espessially loved the Gong's mansion. Are those the true colors or did you use a filter?


Great photo! I like the angle/symmetry/color combination. Sounds like an exciting ride too!

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