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July 06, 2008

Powering Your Equipment in China

Like in most countries, household current in China is 220-volts/50Hz. To see if your devices are compatible, check the power adapter for “input voltage.” While household current in the U.S. is fixed at 120V, most electronic devices are 110-240V compatible -- in fact, I have yet to run into a camera or computer AC adapter that isn’t. Be careful though -- most household outlets in China accept type A plugs (two parallel flat blades) like those used in the United States -- so even if your device can fit into the outlet, the voltage may not be compatible. Many outlets in China also accept type E (two round prongs like those found in Europe), type I (angled flat blades with ground), and occasionally type G (found in Britain and Hong Kong). The outlet photographed below seems to be most common in Beijing (supporting type A, E, and I). If you’re bringing a power strip, be sure to buy one without surge protection, as it may not be compatible with 220-voltage.



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Zach Honig

Check the power label... just be sure it supports 110-240V, as China household power is 220V.


I have a bose set up for my IPOD. Will I be able to use it?

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