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July 20, 2008

Must See: Chinese Acrobat Show

The Chaoyang Chinese acrobat show is my new favorite activity in Beijing. This ranks up there with the Forbidden City and Summer Palace – it’s not to be missed. Chaoyang would even make it on my single day itinerary, with a visit to the Forbidden City in the morning, the Summer Palace in the afternoon, and an acrobat show at night, followed by a traditional Peking duck dinner. With pricing starting at 180 CNY (about $26), the show is cheap, and short as well -- if you attend the 7:15 showing, you’ll be on your way to dine on Beijing’s famous dish by 8:30. Stateside Chinese acrobat shows don’t compare -- the sets, costumes, even laser show are exquisite -- and the acrobats are some of the most talented I’ve seen. If watching contortionists perform makes you cringe in pain, a Chinese acrobat show might not be for you, but if you can stomach it, the show is definitely worth your time and money. I’m even considering coming back before the end of August.



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Zach Honig

I imagine that you can only with special permission -- try calling the theater: 011 86 010 6507 1818 (from the States) or 6507 1818 (from within Beijing).


can you bring a DSLR into this event?
Since the Olympics are out...how about this?

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