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July 28, 2008

Found It: Spray Deodorant

That’s right folks -- after weeks of searching and even a couple close calls, I’ve finally found a bona fide can of Axe body spray. If this is your first visit to my Beijing Olympics blog, I’ll fill you in on the significance of today’s discovery before you head elsewhere thinking you’ve come to the wrong place. I packed a single bottle of deodorant, hoping it would suffice for my two-month stay in China. Little did I know that I would smell like tobacco after an innocent taxicab ride, sweat to the point where I’d have no choice but to find some A/C stat, and end up stinking so badly by late afternoon that a second shower every day was no longer optional. Two showers means two coats of deodorant each day, and I’m running low after only a month.

Resting in Shanghai, I decided that my mission for the day was to find some deodorant while I still had a moment of free time before the Olympics. I entered Watson’s pharmacy, which also has locations in Beijing, and began my usual charades routine, hoping someone would figure out that I was asking for deodorant. The clerk first brought me to an aisle of razors (do men shave their armpits in China?) before presenting the Holy Grail -- two shelves of imported deodorant. I found a bottle of Axe (it was identical to the bottle I’m currently using) and was more than happy to hand over 68 CNY ($10) to help absolve my fear of having smelly armpits.



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Zach Honig

Sorry -- I haven't made it out to the rowing venue yet. Assuming it's not too far from Beijing city limits, I imagine you could get there on a media or city bus.


Zach, I have enjoyed reading your blog, and can definitely relate to the deodorant dilemma. Back in 2003 I was in Taiwan for a business trip and I had to ask colleagues to bring deodorant from back home because I could not find it anywhere. I'm amazed you managed to locate it!

By the way, have you been out to the rowing venue? It looks dauntingly distant from central Beijing and I was wondering what transportation options are available for getting there.

OW -- http://olympics88.blogspot.com

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