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July 04, 2008

A Visit to Chinese Media Outlets

Today I visited two of the country’s largest media organizations -- People’s Daily and Beijing Youth Daily. A state-owned newspaper, People’s Daily has a daily circulation of roughly 3 million. The newspaper acts as a medium for the Communist Party of China to provide information about its policies and opinions directly to its citizens. There’s even a new section of the publication’s website (that launched this week) dedicated to content written by members of the party. Beijing Youth Daily, with content directed towards a younger audience, provides information to Beijingers, and includes more local stories and less government policy rehashing.

Both publications are looking for ways to produce original content during the Olympics. Beijing Youth Daily is even offering a weekly magazine for China’s tens of thousands of Olympics volunteers, including information from past Olympics and profiles of current volunteers. Below I’d like share some excerpts from an article titled “Basic dialogues for Olympic volunteers,” allowing you to draw your own conclusions.

• “English is so important in China right now.” -- “I think so too.”
• “Do you agree with my opinion?” -- “Absolutely, I agree with you.”
• “China is developing so quickly.” -- “Exactly.”
• “Chinese food is so good.” -- “I feel the same way.”
• “China has a lot of problems.” -- “I don’t think so.”
• And another about Chinese food: “Do you like Chinese food?” -- “Sure. I’m crazy about it!”



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