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June 26, 2008

Don't Forget the Guidebooks!

I never travel without first doing my homework. Be it a weekend getaway or several months abroad, stocking up on guidebooks and browsing the web for supplemental material is always a must. (Spending hours on TripAdvisor before, during, and after a trip is also an obsession of mine.) My trip to Beijing is no exception; so far I've read Insider's Guide to Beijing 2008, Fodor's China, Lonely Planet Beijing, and Zagat Beijing. I'm bringing along an Eyewitness Pocket Map & Guide as well so I always have something, well, in my pocket.

Though not as relevant in 2008, I'm also working my way through China Today: Sin or Virtue? -- written in 1978 by my grandfather, Albert Honig, after returning from several weeks in China. A psychiatrist, known around the world at the time for his experimental treatments, he was among the first Americans to visit post-Mao China.


Without this blog as a resource, I had no choice but to turn to other authors for my pre-journey fix. Even with the information you'll find here in the coming weeks, it's still a good idea to bring a guidebook or two.

With its list of 228 restaurants ranging from "spectacular Peking duck" at Beijing Da Dong to "surprisingly authentic" Mexican at El Fogoncito, I recommend picking up a copy of Zagat Beijing before leaving home. I definitely plan on using it to guide me to my first few culinary experiences.


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Great info! I look forward to readign your updates.


Wow! You really have done some research. I love that you've given us a variety of sources on everything from geography to food to history. I also hope to hear how your experiences are similar to or different from your grandfather's. How fantastic to get to see first-hand a place he wrote about thirty years ago!

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